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£ 8.99



Restore your oven to its former glory with the help of our best-selling cleaner – just paint on, leave a little while and then wipe off. You'll be amazed at the difference it makes, and what little effort it takes!

Powerful gel formula.
No scrubbing required.
Removes baked-on fat, food and oil.
No acrid smell.
Simply paint on then wipe off.
Brush and protective gloves supplied.
For most ovens and racks, grills, pans and barbecues.
There's no doubt that, for most of you, cleaning the oven and grill pan is the worst chore in the kitchen, and most cleaners don't measure up to the task. Well, meet the exception!

We were astounded, and you will be too as this powerful, biodegradable cleaner leaves your oven looking like new, removing even the most stubborn baked-on fat and oil. Best of all, it has no acrid smell and you won't need to scrub. Just paint it on and leave for between 3 minutes and 3 hours (depending on the severity), then wipe away.

Includes a brush and pair of protective gloves. (Not suitable for self-cleaning ovens.)

Please Note : Must Not be used on surfaces where high strength acid based cleaners (e.g. Cillit Bang) have previously been used - the chemicals may react. Not suitable for use on stainless steel with a lacquer applied to it or if it has a low chrome content.

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