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Induction Hob

Induction Hob

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£ 89.00


“14 times faster than gas”
This induction cooker is ideal for home use or catering establishments. Induction cooking is fast becoming the rage amongst top chefs. These incredible units used electromagnetic energy to heat food directly and only use electricity when the pan is in contact with the hob. 
10 power levels
Temperature range 60 to 240
Safe – no flame or hot iron
Energy efficient 
13 amp plug


How does it work
Induction uses electronic magnetic energy to heat cookware made of magnetic material. Molecules in the cookware move back and forth rapidly , causing the cookware to become hot and cook the food.
The cook top glass ceramic surface is unaffected by the magnetic field since it contains no magnetic material. The heat of the pan will warm the glass however, the cook top will remain much cooler to touch, than other smooth top surfaces.

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